Great local coffee shop.
Todd Norris via - Jul 7, 2018
Great lunch spot
BOTTOM LINE: Great little spot to grab a quick lunch. Many choices. Great hot dogs and crepes. If you use a credit card they charge you a surcharge of .30. Stopped here after a tour at U-M. It’s close to Central campus. There were many...More ... read more
Loreen B via - Jul 5, 2018
Nice nice ☺☺☺ ... read more
Rayen Ray via - Jun 21, 2018
I love this place for their Acai Bowls...and the sandwiches are awesome too.
Marcos Harris via - Jun 2, 2018
Only place in town for acai bowls or smoothies. Ridiculously huge sandwich selection. I had a reuben, it was good. They also have a make-your-own frozen yogurt bar thing. Staff very helpful and friendly. Clean. Free water to drink. Parking sucks of course, it's downtown.
Joseph Klosterman Jr. via - Apr 26, 2018
Good Deli...ton's of choices and all good.
We stopped for dinner before a concert at Hill Auditorium and it was great...really good deli sandwiches and lots of good sides and salads by the pound too. Like all good deli's the sandwiches are really too big...especially if you get a side salad. The...More ... read more
Bob E via - Feb 3, 2018
I thought it was a cute place so ...
I thought it was a cute place so we stopped in to find out they had an incredibly expansive menu that covered everything from sandwiches, crepes, breakfast, desserts, etc??? I got a Nutella & strawberry crepe with chocolate sauce & powdered sugar. It was very good! I had a wait awhile since there was only 1 person making it but it wa ... read more
Temima N. via - Jan 28, 2018
Fresh, great taste is their standard, and the hit the mark, everytime. Salads, sandwiches, soup, and service is exemplary. Always look forward to going again and again.
Craig Johnson via - Jan 14, 2018
A long surviving local deli with roughly 100 sandwich options ... read more
Joey Ostrander via - Jan 11, 2018
Good Food and Staff were nice, but patrons are weird
As an Alumni coming back to visit, I ate here for a good meal. The staff were nice and the food was good as I remembered. The only downside were the unusual patrons in the restaurant. To each their own, and I cannot say who...More ... read more
J4682YZroberth via - Jan 2, 2018
Great location
Located at State and Liberty, this is a good spot for a sandwich, coffee/tea, desert, etc. Very popular with UM students.
delidog via - Dec 21, 2017
The employees here are always friendly and accommodating even during lunch hour rush. Huge variety, lots of vegan/GF options. Acai bowls that are the best I've ever had!
Tyler Arnett via - Nov 30, 2017
Perk: their deli section has pre-made ...
Perk: their deli section has pre-made complex carbs and high protein options for the health nuts on the go. I am training for a bodybuilding competition and this place always provides good meals that I can't find at typical restaurants. I like the food because it's basic and tastes good (no added sugars, flour, etc).I would eat here ... read more
Lincoln E. via - Nov 27, 2017
I heard a lot about Amer's and ...
I heard a lot about Amer's and never knew how close it was to my place. There is a HUGE menu list so it is probably hard for an indecisive person. This is a deli place but they are also known to have acai bowls. I have been here a twice and I only got the acai bowls...THEY fill you up real quick. I am kinda disappointed with the port ... read more
Joyce L. via - Nov 4, 2017
Counter service. Breakfast. Will convert sandwiches to lettuce wraps on request for gluten free and low carb diners. Coffee drinks. Frozen yogurt and toppings by the ounce.
Cheryl Orosz via - Oct 19, 2017
Kind, quick service and tasty food ... read more
Max Martin via - Sep 28, 2017
Amer's is the local deli with so many sandwiches ...
Amer's is the local deli with so many sandwiches for every tastebud. They had a great number of pescatarian and vegetarian options, which I greatly appreciated. I decided to get the sandwich with avocado, tomato, lettuce, cheddar, and sprouts on multigrain bread. The bread was massive, though it would've been much better toasted. ... read more
Brittany Puller via - Sep 16, 2017
Nice choices even for a vegetarian ... read more
A Google User via - Aug 31, 2017
An amazing sandwich selection plus great-tasting crepes and the best Mediterranean deli bar I have ever seen. Not terribly cheap, but worth it. Their fries taste amazing, too. ... read more
Connivery Dives via - Aug 19, 2017
Nice choices even for a vegetarian ... read more
Pramod Sharma via - Aug 17, 2017
Best crepe my daughter ever had ...
Best crepe my daughter ever had. Good acai bowl and acai smoothie. Even the veggie smoothie juice thing was good. The place is fast and has a huge menu. Great good.
Michael D. via - Aug 5, 2017
I was always impressed by Amer's ...
I was always impressed by Amer's sandwiches. They are a slightly less good, but cheaper and quicker alternative to Zingerman's, though Amer's is still more expensive than a typical Ann Arbor sandwich.
Mark E. via - Aug 4, 2017
There are a few delis in Ann Arbor, but Amer's wins for overall quality, quantity, service and loca
There are a few delis in Ann Arbor, but Amer's wins for overall quality, quantity, service and location!
Laura Farah via - Jul 25, 2017
Delicious sandwiches and staff is always friendly!
Delicious sandwiches and staff is always friendly!
Jessica Scott via - Jul 23, 2017
Not easily handicap accessible, especially for people using walkers, wheelchairs, and other mobility devices.
Kh G via - Jul 23, 2017
THE best place to eat in Ann Arbor
Our very favorite place to eat. We have been here numerous times, and always find something new to try! We have never been disappointed. The food is delicious, portions are large and you can't beat the price! The employees are friendly, efficient and helpful. Highly...More ... read more
DianeSP via - Jul 23, 2017
This is a great place, good people ...
This is a great place, good people and even better food! All of the Mediterranean dishes are delicious. As I understand it they use old family recipes passed down for generations. The hummus is incredible as are all the Mediterranean food. I highly recommend this place.
Dave E. via - Jul 22, 2017
Some of my favorite Froyo around and the Acai Bowls that they have here are great.
Dami Ikwe via - Jul 18, 2017
Small selection of frozen yogurt. Wasn't bad, but froyo pricing and toppings no different than other chain frozen yogurt places.
Risheel Gabbireddy via - Jul 18, 2017
So many sandwich options! The desserts were delicious!
Chris Miles via - Jul 10, 2017
Great service... Food was tasty. The peppers didn't make me cry, but, you can definitely tell they're there.
Robert Meyer via - Jun 27, 2017
Although I'm not too happy with ...
Although I'm not too happy with the taste of my sandwich, but I do have to admit that they got a huge selection of sandwich that will blow your mind ... read more
Neko L. via - May 24, 2017
On par with Zingerman's, at a much less price. Very impressed. ... read more
Kate Blessed via - May 4, 2017
Nice place
Local deli with extensive menu including crepes, smoothie and yogurt....typical sandwich menu as well ... read more
Kevin B via - Apr 19, 2017
I love their Chicago Dogs. The service is outstanding.
David Xe via - Apr 17, 2017
Imagine my surprise when I walked ...
Imagine my surprise when I walked into Amer's and it was half the place it used to be!I 'm not sure how long it's been this way, but the large area with booths and tables has been walled off, and only the side with tables by the yogurt machines remains. Where Amer's once was a great spot to grab some food, study and hang with friends ... read more
Katie D. via - Apr 15, 2017
There is a lot to choose from at ...
There is a lot to choose from at the deli from sandwiches to desserts. I did not really enjoy the sandwiches I have ordered. I had a brisket one and the meat was really dry. I also had a corned beef one and it was a little better but it didn't have any flavor. There are little things they can do to improve their sandwiches like toast ... read more
Melanie R. via - Apr 1, 2017
the food I got here was incredible the rue-ban was done just right ... read more
Brian Wittkop via - Mar 19, 2017
Amazing Deli!
At Amer's, you could likely have a different sandwich for every day of the year, and each would be delicious. Soups are also great, as are smoothies. The one restaurant to rule them all!
BikeOdyssey via - Mar 7, 2017
Great fro-yo!
noor haydar via - Mar 4, 2017
Best deli in Ann Arbor. I don't mention that other deli, that's how much I love this place.
Best deli in Ann Arbor. I don't mention that other deli, that's how much I love this place.
Dayne X White Bull via - Feb 19, 2017
I came to Ann Arbor as a U of M freshman in September of 1994. Amer's on State Street is right near campus and was one of the first local businesses I found. I credit Amer's raspberry mocha with the 'A' I got on my American history midterm. In the more than 20 years since then, many of State Street's local businesses have disappeare ... read more
Abby Schlaff via - Feb 17, 2017
A little pricier than it should ...
A little pricier than it should be and the service is a little slow, and sure it's not hip and trendy and it is definitely not "insta-worthy", but I think that's it's appeal!! It's a classic deli/coffeehouse that's been in Ann Arbor forever and it is what it is and doesn't try to be anything else which i really appreciate.It's bizarr ... read more
Iris S. via - Feb 1, 2017
Love this place. Especially helpful and polite staff. Angell was so sweet and polite. Coming back!
Vanita Young via - Jan 28, 2017
One of the last independents on ...
One of the last independents on State Street, which is reason enough to support them. Props to the owners for constantly trying to keep up with trends appealing to the undergrads: frozen yogurt, Crêpes, acai bowls. Still, I prefer the sandwiches and the deli case. If you're looking for something savory in the afternoon that's moderat ... read more
Deborah J. via - Jan 13, 2017
Would it even be a deli if there ...
Would it even be a deli if there weren't 123859301057 sandwich choices?!? Amer's tries to compete with other delis in the area like Maize 'n Blue and Zingerman's. I've never been to Zingerman's but I have been to Maize 'n Blue, and I don't think Amer's is quite as good. However, that's not to say that Amer's does not make a mean sand ... read more
Austin T. via - Dec 3, 2016
I'm not typically a sandwich person ...
I'm not typically a sandwich person. Actually, I usually actively avoid sandwiches. But, I love Amers! I come here way too often.This place is so affordable, and so convenient for campus. It's a great place to come for a quick bite! They have so many sandwich options, it's honestly overwhelming! Personally, I think they make the worl ... read more
Kaitlin M. via - Nov 16, 2016
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